Intra-Oral Massage

The TMJ Massage

Your intra-oral massage session will start with an assessment of your jaw. Your therapist may ask if you some questions. You may be asked to move your jaw — open and close, side to side; this will help determine a possible cause of the discomfort, the degree of impact on mobility, and which actions are triggering the pain.

It’s a given that intra-oral massage is a bit invasive. Your therapist’s fingers, which are gloved and sanitary, will be touching your face and prodding your mouth. The therapist, after inserting a finger into the inside of your cheek, will feel your jaw muscles and facial bones.

After having the areas surrounding the TMJ massaged, the therapist may move on to massage your gums and roof of your mouth. In addition to treating jaw pain, intra-oral massage also increases blood circulation in your gum tissue. Since the muscles treated in intra-oral massage are some of the most ignored muscles in the body, they may be a little tender. Knowing this, your therapist will start with slow and gentle pressure. Even light methodical strokes, however, may feel intense.

Mobile Massage

1 Hour - $180

Additional distance fee may apply.



  • Everyone has a TMJ!

  • Some TMJ's are dysfunctional and therefore cause pain, jaw "clicking", and other symptoms

  • TMJ-Dysfunction (TMJ-D) can be caused due to injury but for the most part the exact cause is unknown

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